Pickersgills offers a variety of types of blasting depending on the requirements of the product. Blasting is vital for the following:

  • Removal / cleaning of Rust and scale
  • Improves coating adhesion
  • Increases life expectancy of coated products
  • Stripping of previous coatings.

Shot Blast

  • Chilled Iron Shot Media
  • Blast Quality SA2.5
  • Large & Heavy Items

Grit Blast

  • Aluminium Grit Media
  • Small to Medium Items

Bead Blast

  • Glass Bead Media
  • Small to Medium Items

Deburring / Rumbling

  • Medium / small items


  • Mirror
  • Bright
  • Satin
  • Brushed

Attention to Pre-treatment is a very important part of the Powder coating and Metal Finishing process at Pickersgills as the business supplies a cross section of companies from major brand leaders to small starter firms.


Pickersgills offers a wide range of metal finishing solutions including pre-treatments such as chromating, phosphating and blasting, electroplating processes, with zinc, nickel and chrome, anodising and polishing all completed entirely in-house at our Leeds factory to ensure a complete and consistent finish.

Expectations on our products are high as our projects are determined by the customer’s specifications. It could be hydraulic filters for diggers, baby’s prams or a spec for a pump in someone’s basement.


In all cases the Pre-treatment has a direct effect on the life expectancy of the paint products. That’s why, as a leading Powder Coating and Electroplating specialist, we offer Blasting (Shot Blasting using chilled Iron shot) to SA 2.5 as standard, Grit Blasting, Bead Blasting, Polishing and Rumble/De-burr.


The blasting process helps protect the surface of items from corrosion, ensuring better resistance overall. We take pride in being a one-stop shop for durable, high quality Metal Finishing and Pre-treatment Blasting is part of the exacting standards we set ourselves.


We are very flexible and believe our service is first class but it’s the quality of finishing that our customers are after and we aim to deliver every time by not taking shortcuts. Quality is absolutely vital. You know you can count on Pickersgills to get it right.