What We Do


We pride ourselves in offering a one-stop shop, providing a variety of quality metal finished items with a fast turnaround.

Powder Coating

We have the ability to Powder Coat a wide range of items from small to large sizes in various batch quantities

We can also provide a wide range of colours and types of finishes, including metallics, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Graffiti


We have the ability to provide various Electro-Plating and Conversion coatings, including Zinc Plating, Tin Plating and Anodising


We have the ability to be able to Blast large and small items in order to remove scale and rust to ensure a final quality finish.

Blasting and pre-treatment is also vital when considering the painted items life expectancy.


As well as being ISO 9001 accredited, we also undertake inhouse testing to ensure our high-quality standards are maintained.